Selection an Interior Designer

Tips for selecting an interior designer

  1. Finding a good interior designer is not an easy task. Since professional credentials of designers are not easily verifiable, your best bet is working on references from friends, relatives and colleagues. If you liked the way a friend's house was done up, ask him/her for a reference.
  2. Preferably opt for an interior designer affiliated to the Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID).
  3. On meeting the interior designer, insist on seeing the houses he/she has designed. This will give you a fair idea of his/her style. Interact with the ex-client to find out what existed before the interior designer took over. Ask them if the designer was adamant about his/her ideas or implemented their suggestions effectively. Did he/she stick to the given budget? Was he/she accessible, punctual and prompt? Does his/her work reflect clarity of thought?
  4. Don’t make a decision based on photographs and 3-D images. Lighting, placing a bunch of flowers strategically, good upholstery and intelligent shuffling of the furniture can make the appearance deceptively glamorous.
  5. Remember that designers relying too heavily on formulas will be unable to provide unique and dynamic solutions. On the other hand, if you are conservative in your tastes then a big name may not be apt. However, if you know exactly what you want, go with the designer who can implement your ideas speedily at a competitive price. Get quotes from a few designers before you finalise on one. Look for reasons of discrepancy and decide accordingly.
  6. Once you shortlist a designer, you can request him/her to draw up a blueprint, which he/she may do for an additional fee. That should help you make your final decision.
  7. Find out from where he/she would source the material and if he/she will be able to produce bills for each and every purchase made.
  8. Most importantly, your designers’ vision for your house should match yours since he/she is being entrusted with the task of creating a space that is an identity of your personality. Work closely with him/her to achieve the results you desire.