Search Process

The process of searching for an ideal house can be long and unnerving. There are various avenues that can be utilized to find the house that matches all your needs.

Newspapers can serve as a major source of information for finding a house. Many newspapers have separate 
supplements on property that can provide relevant guidance.

Property Magazines , a dedicated source of useful information, assess, analyse and propose various options to 
customers in varied categories.

There are websites such as,, and
that can serve as a storehouse of information on houses available for purchase. These websites are more relevant
for people looking for a second hand house.

Real Estate Agents can play an instrumental role in driving you to your dream house. All you need to do is list down your specific requirements and expectations and he will show you houses that fit in your budget. However, it is important to find an agent who is trustworthy and non-manipulative. Also, when dealing with a real estate agent, you must be clear about the percentage of brokerage that you will be charged.

References from friends or family can prove useful too. You can get first hand information through such references and could also meet the owners of the house directly (in case of a resale flat) and negotiate on the final price.

House Hunting Tips

  1. Stick to your budget.
  2. Compare what you would like to have against what you really need.
  3. Be sure that you will be able to pay the EMIs and that you will be able to afford the renovations and 
    maintenance required in the house.
  4. Focus on a few neighbourhoods. Decide what's most important for you about the neighbourhood you want. 
    This will narrow down your search.
  5. Compare houses you have seen and write down pros and cons of each to decide on your final buy.
  6. Take a friend, spouse or parents to see the house and seek their opinion before you make the final decision.