The Helux 520 West 43rd St

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Type Status Location Price $3,515 /month Area 762 sqft Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3 Lot Area 880 ftsq Year Built 2002 Flooring Stone Roofling Tile Parking 5 slots Style Spanish

Property Description

Located atop a low knoll approximately 120 feet west of the St. Albans-Highgate Road (Vermont Route 207) in Swanton, Vermont, the Jennison House stands as the centerpiece of Rockledge Farm. The east-facing building was originally a two story, 5-by-4 bay, Federal style, wood frame house with a one-story kitchen ell. Between 1918 and 1922, Clark Saxe Jennison transformed the early 19th century farmhouse into the Colonial Revival style summer estate house which stands today. The house is now composed of a clapboarded main block with symmetrical wings, and a partially enclosed shed-roofed porch at the rear which spans the width of the main block and north wing.

Property Features

Swimming Pool
Yoga/Meditation Center
Musical Jogging Track
Lightening Fountain
Indoor Games - Pool Table, Carrom & Table Tennis

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