Before you buy a house, ensure that the locality of the house has all that you would desire. Check if it is well connected by rail and road and consider the commuting time required. Ensure that it has shops, departmental stores and restaurants near by. If beautiful surroundings is what you have in mind then remember to take a look at the landscaping of the complex and the view it offers. Also, consider the distance from the main road and the highway- the source of traffic noise.

Do not forget to analyse the safety factor of the area. Ensure that the approach road is well lighted and does not get too deserted in the night.

Some areas are specific to certain communities. If you take up a house in such a community specific area in spite of not being a part of that community, you may not feel very comfortable and welcome. Consider this aspect as well.

Apart from these intrinsic factors, also consider extrinsic factors such as the market value of the locality, the expected appreciation rate and the level of development in the area. If you are buying the house only for investment purposes and not for staying then you must consider the rentability of the place as well