The decision to buy a house usually follows a great deal of deliberation. Before you take the plunge, there are a number of things you must consider so that you are not faced by any unpleasant surprises later.

Check the credentials of the construction firm you are associating yourself with. Ensure that it is an established company with a history of sound construction and transparent policies. Analyse the delivery record of the company and check for any pattern of delays. Ascertain the over all quality of its past projects. Find out through research if there are litigations in any court in India against the construction firm or the builder. Also ensure that there are no criminal cases against any of the directors of the company.

Once you are thoroughly assured about the reputation of the company, check for the projects it has on offer. Choose a project that comes closest to your needs and expectations in terms of amenities, area, location, accessibility and cost. Look for additional facilities such as intercom facility, TV and Internet cables, security systems like intruder alarm and gas leak detection systems, interior design etc. Also familiarize yourself with the actual measurements of the project. Understand the ratio between carpet and the built-up area and the super built up area to figure the actual carpet area that you will be getting.